Our staff comprises of our Principals Mr. Joseph K Maina and Mr. Jared Momanyi, Associates Mr. Moses Okemwa and Mr. Alfred Mumo, 4 Senior Architects, 5 Graduate Architects, Administrative Department, Accounts Department and Support staff.

Staffing and Organization

The office for our team is structured and organized in a manner that enables it to produce effectively and professionally the information required in the design of the built environment. The location of the office is convenient because it ensures ease of access and has good and ample parking facility.

Our office is designed in a manner that allows it to expand and contract with the workload. The drawing office being an open space can be designed to suit the tasks at hand. The key spaces in our office include reception, principal’s office, studio office, library, conference room, W/C facilities and kitchenette. These spaces are organized in a way that makes it possible for the office to stimulate good design.